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Jose Antonio Lanz

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Bitcoin’s LN Can Now Be Used For Private Messaging

Companies4 weeks ago

Bitcoin’s LN can now be used in another use case further than scalable payments as we are learning today in...

Chinese Crypto Mining Giant Files For $400M IPO In US

Bitcoin1 month ago

A major Chinese crypto mining giant named Canaan Creative recently filed to be a publicly traded company in the United...

Bitmain Aims to Build a 300MW Texas Mining Farm

Crypto Mining2 months ago

The Beijing-based Bitmain Technologies and DMG Blockchain Solutions announced the launch of a 25MW mining facility in Rockdale, Texas. The...

Bitmain Opens Doors To ‘World’s Largest’ Bitcoin Mining Facility

Companies2 months ago

The major Chinese cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer Bitmain opens doors to the largest mining facility for Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Rockdale,...

Canadian Mining Firm Is First Bitcoin Company to Hit Toronto Stock Exchange

Crypto Mining2 months ago

North America’s largest bitcoin mining firm will soon trade publicly on Canada’s premier stock exchange. On October 9, 2019, Hut...

Overstock’s Patrick Byrne Dramatically Announces Stock Sale

Companies3 months ago

Overstock’s former CEO Patrick Byrne, who departed from the company at the end of August, raised more eyebrows with his...

IBM Files New Patent For A Blockchain-Based Web Browser

Companies4 months ago

The latest cryptocurrency news show that the tech giant IBM is not stopping when it comes to new patents. The...

Prices of Bitcoin Miners in China Have More Than Doubled

Crypto Mining4 months ago

The bitcoin mining frenzy is on and miner rigs are once again in high demand following the recent market escalation....

Bitcoin (BTC) Can Still be Censored But There Is A Way Out

Ethereum6 months ago

Bitcoin’s real innovation lies in its decentralized structure. The digital currency has no central management, central point of failure, or...

Max Keiser Reaffirms $100k Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin7 months ago

Bitcoin permabull Max Keiser is doubling down on his $100,000 bitcoin price prediction as it reached a new ten-month high...