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Bad Crypto Podcast ebook good starting point for crypto newbies



Travis Wright and Joel Comm, hosts of The Bad Crypto Podcast, the world’s top Bitcoin podcast covering blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, ICOs, altcoins, fintech and digital money, today released Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & The Future of Money a free ebook outlining the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain for anyone with an interest in the space.

Mr. Wright and Mr. Comm started The Bad Crypto Podcast in 2017 prior to the leap in Bitcoin prices that would grab global attention. As veteran marketing technologists, they embraced the blockchain world with a fury.

“Before Joel and I started The Bad Crypto Podcast, we didn’t have a deep understanding about cryptocurrencies,” Mr. Wright. said “We started the podcast because we figured that other newbies would be interested in joining our journey to figuring it out and learn alongside us.”

The ebook covers basic topics for beginners, definitions of key terms such as Bitcoin, blockchain, mining and crypto wallet, and descriptions of their functions, the differences between investors and traders, and where/how to begin investing. The ebook and podcast both discuss cryptocurrencies that companies are launching to fund their own businesses, and provide the audience with a starting point and just enough information to go out, do their own research, and then dive in.

“Our podcast is for the everyday person who is trying to figure out the world of blockchain and digital currency,” Mr. Comm said. “We’ve seen people who’ve want to get into the industry but didn’t know where to start. We saw the demand for a starting point which is why we’ve written this ebook.”

The Bad Crypto Podcast is in the top 30 Business Podcasts on iTunes and is also available on Soundcloud, Stitcher, YouTube, Google Play, iHeartRadio and Spotify. Episode topics include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, alt-coins, blockchain and fintech.

To download the ebook, please visit this link. To listen to The Bad Crypto Podcast, please subscribe or download on iTunes, or your favorite podcasting app. For more information, please visit  

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