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Binance and Eosfinex Join Equilibrium’s Decentralized Governance



London, May 22, 2020

Binance and eosfinex are participating in Equilibrium’s efforts to help bring enhanced decentralization to the DeFi project’s governance processes.

Equilibrium is the interoperable DeFi hub best known for its USD-pegged EOSDT stablecoin, built on EOSIO. EOSDT enters circulation when users pledge digital assets like EOS and Bitcoin as collateral, making EOSDT a decentralized stablecoin. The governance framework that drives the updates to this underlying technology is now also decentralized, depending on multiple entities working together. Binance is the newest, biggest name on this list, joining an EOS-based decentralized exchange by Bitfinex called eosfinex and two major ...

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