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About SRAX

SRAX (SRAX) is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing and consumer data management company.

“Through its blockchain identification graph technology platform, BIG, SRAX is also developing a consumer-powered data marketplace where people will own and sell access to their data thereby providing everyone in the Internet ecosystem transparency, choice and compensation,” the company said.

Participating consumers will be awarded with BIGtoken and developers will be able to build online experiences on the platform.

Key Players

Christopher Miglino | CEO

Richard Steel | President

Kristoffer Nelson | COO

Rahul Thumati | CFO


PeerStream (OTC:PEER) releases Q4, 2018 numbers

Companies5 days ago

PeerStream (OTC:PEER), a communications software provider developing enhanced security and privacy solutions for video, voice, and text applications and data...

Integrated Ventures (OTC:INTV) completes power plant purchase, touts cost savings

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Integrated Ventures (OTC:INTV) this week acquired a fully permitted and currently idled, 80 MW natural gas-fired combined heat and power...

DMG Blockchain (OTC:DMGGF) releases API, announces sales partnership

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DMG Blockchain Solutions (TSXV:DMGI) (OTC:DMGGF) (FRANKFURT:6AX) has released its API for Walletscore and has partnered with SPIRIT Blockchain Capital to...

Glance Technologies (OTC:GLNNF) uses technology to simplify a night on the town

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Glance Technologies (CSE:GET) (OTC:GLNNF) plans to revolutionize the experience of ordering at bars and the paying of cover charges. Anyone that...

Snipp Interactive (OTC:SNIPF) completes software sales agreement with European credit card provider

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Snipp Interactive (TSXV:SPN) (OTC:SNIPF), a global provider of digital marketing promotions, rebates and loyalty solutions, today announced it has received...

Goldmoney (TSX:XAU) formally exits cryptocurrency business

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Goldmoney (TSX:XAU) has decided to exit the cryptocurrency business. They will work with its customers who store their cryptocurrency with...

BLOCKStrain Technology (OTC:BKKSF) to acquire cannabis platform maker

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BLOCKStrain Technology (TSXV:DNAX) (OTC:BKKSF) has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Spark Digital Technologies, producers of the IgnitePro...

Snipp Interactive (TSXV:SPN) to produce rewards program for cannabis tech platform

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Snipp Interactive (TSXV:SPN) (OTC:SNIPF) has signed an agreement with cannabis technology platform MassRoots to power its WeedPass Rewards Program. By...

A Forensic Analysis of Blockchain Surveillance Companies

Crypto Mining3 weeks ago

Blockchain analysis is big business. The U.S. government alone has spent $6 million on transaction mapping tools, while cryptocurrency exchanges...

NetCents (OTC:NTTCF) approved for trading on OTCQB

Companies3 weeks ago

NetCents Technology (OTC:NTTCF) has completed the formal application process to trade on the OTCQB and has been approved for trading...