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Feeless Trade Launches Community-Based Exchange Service



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Feeless Trade, a new generation of crypto exchange, announced it had launched its exchange services for its users. 

Feeless will provide significantly low fees for users, fast confirmation, unimitated opportunities, and 24/7 access to the market for the exchange. The exchange will also provide aggregate more liquidity around the index to achieve much higher capital efficiency.  

Unlike its predecessors, who are notoriously known for their outrageous trade execution prices and limitation, the Feeless community exchange promised better trading conditions. Feeless Trading strives to be the trustable cryptocurrency exchange known for its almost feeless trading.

Feeless Trade explains:

“We aim to achieve great things since our inception, and we try to lay a strong foundation to build even more powerful tools. The ecosystem is continuously evolving, so are we.”

Feeless Trade was created to foster the adoption of cryptocurrencies by allowing users to have more control over their cash, data, and other essentials. In addition, Feeless hopes to harness decentralization to empower individuals within its ecosystem. 

Feeless Trade’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. The whitepaper reads in part: 

“We tend to believe that by fast the adoption of cryptocurrency, ready to facilitate individuals all around the world, manage their money-be able to access their funds, at any time and from any location; defend their knowledge with a cryptography secure blockchain, that makes data meddling very unlikely. Finally, defend their identity- no single entity has the flexibility to compromise your identity.”

Feeless Trade, with its adaptive tier system, hopes to give access to early-stage deals.  Through its trading platform, users can trade spots, leverage, and futures. Users can also borrow and lend and take advantage of the different interest rates provided by layer two solutions. 

Feeless Trade Exchange allows users to trade crypto comfy with the subsequent price proposition, including deep liquidity with access to the simplest execution price, and high-volume accounts mercantilism free (after FLT staking discount) offered at competitive fees. In addition, the platform will also provide discounted token distributions (Syndicated) and trading activity-driven competitions (trading Arena). 

Other notable features on the exchange include increased security, compliance, and support of fiat institutions. 

Last month, Feeless Trade Exchange raised $200 000 in a private seed round. Feeless Trade has set the total market supply of its native token, Feeless Trade tokens (FLT), at 500 million tokens. The recently concluded private sale was allocated 10%, while the upcoming public presale has 30% of the total supply.

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