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Glance Technologies (OTC:GLNNF) uses technology to simplify a night on the town



Glance Technologies (CSE:GET) (OTC:GLNNF) plans to revolutionize the experience of ordering at bars and the paying of cover charges.

Anyone that has been to a bar or nightclub has experienced the frustration and pain of waiting in a mob of people surrounding a bar counter, trying to get to the front of the line, and then trying to get noticed by the bartenders. Bartenders often end up spending more of their time taking orders and dealing with payments than making drinks. Payment at a bar is often difficult and chaotic thus people commonly leave a credit card behind the bar to be charged at the end of the night; credit cards are often left behind and can be painful to recover for the customer. This can also result in bars experiencing significant chargebacks and fraud as there is no signature or PIN captured with the transaction.

“Glance has designed an elegant bar ordering and payment solution which enables bartenders to focus on providing the best service while making the experience fast, fair and easy for the customer,” said Desmond Griffin, Glance’s CEO, “With Glance’s new feature set, customers will be able to skip the throng of people at the bar and enjoy time with their friends while they wait for their order without the stress of leaving their card behind.”

In addition, at many establishments, the night begins for their customers by waiting in a long line to pay a cash cover charge to then get a stamp on their hand.  Glance’s upcoming cover charge feature accelerates and modernizes this process, enabling quick and easy cover charge payments, with tracking and upselling opportunities for establishments.  These new products compliment Glance’s previously announced Real-Time Bill and Order From Table features which are also applicable to bars.

Glance believes these new features will enable bars to get people into their establishments much quicker and can dramatically increase the volume of beverages that can be delivered with the same number of staff, while providing a much better experience to their customers.  Glance has begun previewing this technology to bars and is very excited about the responses received to date.  Glance expects to share more information about these new products in the near future.

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