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Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (OTC:FUAPF) inks deal with Chilean cannabis company

Tony Zerucha



Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (GCAC) (CSE:APP) (OTC:FUAPF), a developer of data technologies for the medical cannabis industry, has signed a binding letter of intent with Grassroots SpA, an online cannabis company with more than 3,000 patients across Chile, to enter into a licensing agreement whereby Grassroots will acquire the exclusive distribution rights to sell GCAC technologies in Chile and GCAC will provide new and existing technologies for Spanish speaking markets.

Grassroots will pay a monthly licensing fee plus fees per user, and half of the development cost of future Spanish language modules, to gain the distribution rights to sell GCAC’s advanced digital technology for the cannabis industry in Chile. Grassroots will work to connect and register patients, existing Chilean dispensaries and Chilean licensed producers to the Spanish language Citizen Green Community network and Prescriptii Patient Care Solution.

The cannabis market in Chile is where the Canadian market was five years ago: full of optimism and opportunity,” Grassroots SpA president and CEO Alvaro Segueida said. “We believe the Citizen Green Community platform with its advanced technology, management dashboard and community-based approach offer significant benefits to all involved in the Chilean medical cannabis market. This relationship will significantly further our commitment to ensure our patients get the very best in customer and medical cannabis care and provide the connection between doctor and patient.”

“I am very pleased to welcome Grassroots and the first of many Spanish speaking medical cannabis users to the Citizen Green Community as we expand into Chile,” said Brad Moore, CEO of GCAC. “With Grassroots we are introducing new and exciting modules to the community, such as doctor scheduling and e-commerce, from which we expect to drive additional revenues. From the outset we designed the community to be dynamic, scalable and translated into other languages”.

GCAC will provide a Spanish version of Prescriptii Patient Care Solution including a Grassroots SpA management dashboard and plus develop and release new online portals including:

  • A medical doctor dashboard for the education, information and prescription of medical cannabis products for specific patient’s ailments & diseases;
  • A doctor-patient scheduling solution for tele-prescriptions; and
  • An e-commerce gateway for patients to purchase products outside of Chile.

With a population of more than 18 million people, Chile has the highest cannabis consumption rates per capita and boasts the greatest support for cannabis legalization in Latin America, GCAC said in a release. In 2015, medical cannabis was legalized, and recreational cannabis was decriminalized allowing residents of the country to grow this incredible plant. Large scalegrow operations require a license from the Agriculture and Livestock Service department of the Chilean federal government.

Citizen Green’s Prescripitii solutions build and improve the relationship of trust between medical cannabis sellers and their patients. The use of smart technology to drive better health outcomes enables licensed producers, retail owners, dispensaries and pharmacies to focus on their business’s success. The Prescriptii desktop application offers possible medical cannabis products for specific ailments, which are tracked and recorded to include usage experiences. This information is aggregated and then made available to the retailer enabling them to better understand their clients and provide superior guidance on next steps.

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Tony Zerucha

Tony Zerucha is an alternative finance journalist with more than seven years experience in the space. The author of more than 1,000 articles, Tony was named LendIt's 2018 Journalist of the Year.

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