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Grapevine acquisition to ripen Seven Stars Cloud (NASDAQ:SSC) asset digitization strategy

Tony Zerucha



Seven Stars Cloud Group (NASDAQ:SSC), a services company focused on digital asset production and distribution, has today announced its acquisition of Grapevine Logic, an end-to-end influencer marketing platform. Grapevine will play a pivotal role in SSC’s consumer asset digitization strategy.

The acquisition helps Seven Stars Cloud to further its 4+2+1 Strategy to drive growth across its core product areas which are—1) Fixed Income-based Financial Digital Assets, 2) Consumer Tech Digital Assets, 3) Commodity and Energy Digital Assets, and 4) TradeTech Digital Assets.

Targeting social media influencers (worth an estimated $2 billion in 2017), Grapevine facilitates collaboration between advertisers/brands and video-based social influencers/content creators. Through the Grapevine platform, more than 4,700 brands — including many Fortune 500 consumer companies, have been able to engage with more than 177,000 social influencers, reaching more than 3.2 billion followers, ultimately helping these companies promote their products and strengthen their brands.

Grapevine’s core business model thrives on brands spending their marketing dollars on Grapevine’s web-based platform. These brands essentially hire social media influencers to deliver specific marketing requirements. Through bookings, Grapevine captures fees from brands as well as a service fee from hired influencers. Grapevine also provides a white glove marketing agency model.

Blockchain and AI technology, core assets for SSC, enable seamless and decentralized collaboration between counterparties, eliminating the need for a central authority. Blockchain can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as tracking the ownership of digital assets, keeping decentralized transactional records and establishing verified consensus.

By applying blockchain-enabled technologies such as smart contracts and the tokenization of assets to Grapevine’s existing ecosystem and existing social media influencer business model, SSC looks to revolutionize the way influencers and celebrities alike, engage with fans, brands and communities on a global scale.

By empowering influencers via a token-based model, they will be able to more effectively build their brands, monetize their work, and engage with their audiences. The ability to provide influencers with new monetization paths, as well as fans and brands with exclusive access to these influencers and their services, is a massive opportunity.

The Grapevine acquisition also allows for unique access to high impact influencers from top celebrities through micro-influencers. SSC will be pursuing celebrity tokenization opportunities that may include and facilitate access to merchandise, exclusive interactions, and other value added services as influencers grow in popularity. With Grapevine, tokenized celebrity influencer monetization opportunities can be taken to new heights.

Further, Grapevine will accelerate SSC’s penetration into customer loyalty programs, consumer financing, and the asset securitization market. The combination of loyalty management programs and blockchain technology can bring immense efficiencies to cash rewards, pre-paid cards and coupons bringing numerous market efficiencies, cost reductions, and enhanced brand loyalty. In the U.S. alone, customer loyalty memberships have reached 3.8 billion.

The integration of AI for risk management and blockchain technology into Grapevine’s core business model will act as a force enabler for Grapevine and also provide strategic capability for SSC. Seven Stars Cloud will leverage the global reach of Grapevine’s growing social media follower network that is accessed by Grapevine’s social media Influencers. This reach provides for enhanced consumer marketing and digital asset creation and sales.

“We are very excited to welcome Grapevine and its robust and vibrant network of influencers and brands to the SSC family,” said Bruno Wu, executive chairman and CEO of SSC. “We believe Grapevine’s existing global ecosystem will be the foundation for a broad application of blockchain technologies throughout the media and entertainment industry and be the cornerstone of our consumer digital asset business line. We look forward to working closely with Grapevine’s team to expand the platform, enhance the interactions between the participants and help identify and compensate major up-and-coming stars.”

“Our goal from day one was to help social influencers unlock value through brand collaborations while staying true to their audiences,” said Grant Deken, Grapevine co-founder and CEO. “Joining Bruno and the rest of the talented team at SSC accelerates our ability to innovate and provide new ways to create value and empower influencers, celebrities, and advertisers to more deeply connect and engage with audiences. We are excited about the opportunity that blockchain and AI offer, and we look forward to integrating these technologies together to expand our market impact and reach.”

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Tony Zerucha

Tony Zerucha is an alternative finance journalist with more than seven years experience in the space. The author of more than 1,000 articles, Tony was named LendIt's 2018 Journalist of the Year.

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