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HackAtom RU 2021 — Congratulations to the Winners!




Sergey Simanovsky

HackAtom RU 2021 — Congratulations to the Winners!

Let’s meet the HackAtom RU winners! A hackathon focused on IBC and DeFi, with a prize pool of more than $45,000 worth of ATOMs and sponsor tokens.

Heads up, cosmonauts and hackers, HackAtom RU 2021 is officially over! We’d like to thank everyone who took part for making this event a success. HackAtom RU 2021 focused on IBC and DeFi, with a prize pool of more than $45,000 worth of ATOMs and sponsor tokens.

Traditionally, all HackAtoms follow the top trends in the crypto space–and this time around was no exception. We zeroed-in on DeFi infrastructure, solutions, tools, NFTs, and other areas of DeFi… all with a pinch of IBC and a twist of Cosmos-SDK!

Of course, the focus of every hackathon is the hacking, so, without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the winners below:

???? Translation Challenge: Mikhail Pigolkin & Good O Lord Nine

The translation challenge was part of the HackAtom bounty, as a way of translating some of the selected technical Cosmos documentation into Russian. All the workshops were also held or translated into Russian. If you’re interested in checking them out, hop on over to Github by clicking the link below:

???? Community Choice Award: EUCIDD-NFT

The Cosmos Community Choice award is a traditional bounty of every HackAtom, where users vote for their favorite project using Devpost. The winning project embedded everything that goes onto a SIM to provide LPA and other services on an NFT in order to eliminate SIM cloning and tracking. Check it out here:

???? Persistence & IXO Kitty Task: Carfaxx

As one of our sponsor submissions, Carfaxx provides an immutable, updated record of all activity surrounding your car which is stored on an NFT. Easy to manage, Carfaxx comes with selective disclosures that are scenario and access level based, so you can choose what to share with who. Read more about it on Devpost at the link below:

???? Confio CosmWasm Unicorn Task: Fujita Takuya

Another awesome sponsor submission, see how Confio tackled the task of issuing tokens with CosmWasm by reading their outline on Devpost:

???? Secret Network Contract Bounty: Secret Heros, Fardels, Secret Monero Bridge, & Secret Loan

Some HackAtom sponsors, like Secret Network, committed to a bounty that challenged participating teams to dig deeper into certain tasks. Secret Network divided the prize between these 4 outstanding projects below.

???? Fox Prize, 1st Place: Starway Monster

Now, onto our first main prize category, the Fox category, which was all about IBC infrastructure. The winner was Starway Monster for bringing a new DeFi perspective to cross-chain portable value. This entry allows users to identify verified interchain pathways for secure token transfers, as well as make IBC transfers across the Cosmos Network.

Starway Monster also added a verified un-escrow pathway to obtain native tokens, and the ability to instantly un-escrow wrapped tokens via transferring them back to a native token Zone/Hub. Find out more by visiting the link on Devpost:

???? Fox Prize, Runner Up: Token “Multi” Sender

Second place in the same category went to Token “Multi” Sender, which is a CosmWasm contract that makes it possible to send tokens to multiple addresses at the same time. It also enables airdropping of tokens issued by each project, which can save a great deal of gas. Check it out here:

???? Kitty Prize, 1st Place: Shiaa3

The Kitty category was all about IBC and NFTs. The only winner in this category was Shiaa3, which was inspired by the Catan game. Shiaa3 can be used to transfer NFT (assets) between 2 different chains using IBC. Assets can also be won by gambling in pool. Check out the link below if you’re interested in finding out more:

???? Unicorn Prize, 1st Place: Starway Monster

The main prize in the Unicorn category, which was all about DeFi tools, went unanimously to Starway Monster (see project link and details above).

Unawarded Bounties

Some of the bounties of the HackAtom were not awarded as there were either no entries or the judges felt that the requirements for these bounties were not met. You can see the outstanding bounties below:

- IRISnet Unicorn Task

- Agoric Unicorn Task

- Akash Unicorn Task

- Cyber AI Bounty

- Tendermint Starport Bounty

- Kitty Prize, Runner Up

- Unicorn Prize, Runner Up

???? Awesome Russian and English Content

Keeping in mind that the focus of this HackAtom wasn’t just hacking but also expanding our reach globally (as you can see from the name of the event, it was primarily focused on Russian-speaking hackers), we’re pleased to say that the event produced a ton of evergreen Russian content for hackers. And, as our team translated most of the event, the content exists in English as well, for anyone wishing to dive into the Cosmos:

As you know, part of the challenge was to translate some of the selected technical Cosmos documentation into Russian. Not all the entries received prizes here, but several did. You can find all of these documents gathered in this public repo.

A Thank You Note

A huge shout-out goes to all of our judges, sponsors, workshop creators, technical teams, Tendermint, all the organizing teams, and everyone else who made this happen. This event would not have been possible without all of you! And an even bigger shout-out goes to all the hackers and participants of the HackAtom. We hope that you enjoyed the event and we’re looking forward to seeing you roaming the Cosmos!

Finally, as promised by Citizen Cosmos, we will record an episode with the three main winners of the event, to find out about their future plans for their projects and the wider Cosmos ecosystem. Stay tuned to our website to follow the winners.

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