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HJH Investments Introduces Its Tracking Token With A Double Pricing Model




HJH Investments, a commercial real estate investment firm, has introduced its revolutionary tracking token, HJH REAL token.

According to the team, this game-changing innovation seeks to integrate stock market characteristics, real estate, and ETFs using cryptocurrency. The HJH Real (HJHRE) token utilizes formulas as targeted metrics to access market valuation, such as price to earnings ratio. The token is also designed to track a collection of investments through a set of data points. Lastly, the token will use HJH Investments’ real estate portfolio as an object of the tracking system.

To employ a robust tracking mechanism, the team proposed a dual pricing system that includes a Real Estate Asset and Income Pricing (REI) and Proof-of-Volume (POV). REI serves as a price-to-earn logic applied to the real estate industry. At the same time, POV divides a well-researched statistical coefficient by calculating the total HJHRE exchanges or gifts in the market. Reportedly, HJH Investments chooses to use POV to reflect the transaction volume without overwhelming the REI amount. Having the two pricing models creates both a balance and a conflict in establishing the actual value of the token. 

It is worth mentioning that buying HJHRE is not an investment in HJH Investments’ real estate assets. However, purchasing the token grants holders access to HJH Investments’ real estate portfolio performance.

Launched on March 31, 2022, the HJH Real token has a circulating supply of 400 million coins, with the maximum supply set at a limit of 1.2 billion units. To reach the maximum supply, a mining method will be employed. As a result, the development team designed the system to become increasingly challenging over time.

The mining mechanism will be based on market pricing and the POV system. After every quarter, the HJH team will review the numbers and adjust the token supply accordingly. Notably, the tokens will be minted when HJH buys more properties for real estate since the prices of the token and real estate are inter-linked.

Traders interested in buying the tokens will be required to download the Coinbase app and then add funds. Once they complete the first step, the trader will then proceed to get the MetaMask app and transfer USDC and ETH. Note the ETH will be used for gas fees when transferring assets from Coinbase to the wallet. Finally, the users will proceed to the swap portal on SushiSwap or UniSwap and connect their wallets to make the purchase.

Founded in 2014, HJH has over 300 accredited investors nationwide and a portfolio of over $400 million. The company’s philosophy entails treating investors preferentially and delivering a premier investment experience.  HJH Investments’ vision is to help investors grow capital via its syndicated commercial real estate model.

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