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IBATUSD: Price to Bounce up to Level $0.03000



Azeez Mustapha

Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, 22nd of September:
IBATUSD holds a recovery opportunity with a bullish reversal pattern. The potential breakout from the immediate resistance of $0.002861 will give additional confirmation for a bullish recovery if the bulls could increase their efforts in the market.

Key Levels:
Resistance Levels: $0.004100, $0.004200, $0.004300
Support Levels: $0.002800, $0.002700, $0.002600

IBAT (USD) Long-term Trend: Bullish (1H)
Analyzing the chart above, we can clearly see that IBATUSD is in a bullish market zone. The price currently trades above the two EMAs.
Today’s 1-hourly bullish candle at $0.002886 above the moving averages confirms the bulls’ dominance in the market. This breakup may possibly accelerate the bullish momentum and extend the ongoing correction to a higher level.

Additionally, the price of Battle Infinity which is pointing up on the daily signal implies that the price is still going up and in this case, the price might possibly hit the $0.03000 resistance level in the nearby days and beyond in its higher time frame.

IBAT (USD) Short-term Trend: Bullish (15-Minute)
The coin is in a bullish movement zone in its short-term outlook. This is due to the inflow from the buy investors. This is due to the inflow from the sellers. Further, the price is gathering momentum and has decided to face the upsides to achieve more gains.
IBATUSD holds a recovery opportunity with a bullish reversal pattern.Just in after a few minutes after opening the 15-minute chart, the bulls made a correction at the $0.002867 supply value above the moving averages to resume its uptrend. This will actually encourage the buy traders to invest in the crypto, as possible future gains are certain.

If the IBATUSD price sustains above the current resistance level, the resulting rally may surpass the $0.01000 level and hit the $0.03000 psychological level at the upside in the days ahead in the lower time frame.

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