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Knock, knock: It’s the data evolution with your paycheck



Last week, on the front page of The New York Times there was a three-page, in-depth report about how apps on our phones are tracking our every movement. Detailed terms that grant companies access to our locations, contacts, and sometimes even our microphone are buried deep within those user agreements we quickly accept in order to play our gummy crush game. Why does your puzzle game need your location or access to your calendar? Well, data, of course. 

Remember the Equifax breach where 143 million U.S. consumers’ data was exposed? How about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal that harvested and shared millions of individuals’ personal data from their Facebook account without their knowledge or consent?  The news of these misuse of data made headlines all throughout 2018 – and sadly, this is still happening every day. Massive companies, many of which we’ve never even heard of, are currently holding our personal data and selling it to the highest bidders. This multibillion-dollar marketplace profits from us without our knowledge, control, or consent, and we’re certainly not compensated in any way. This isn’t the dark web most people believe it to be. This is a self-regulated industry which beholds themselves to almost no one.

Unfortunately, unless you’ve been living in the wilderness or completely off the grid for over a decade, your personal data is out there. Google is tracking your searches, credit card companies are selling your transaction data, even your connected refrigerator’s data is up for sale. While most of this data is out of your control, blockchain is helping to flip the script on the industry.

BIGtoken (Blockchain Identification Graph), recently launched in open beta, allows individuals to select which segments and audience attributes they’re willing share, e.g., you have two kids and you don’t want to share that information with marketers, you can toggle the information off. You also have control over which brands can access the data, e.g., Monsanto-Bayer is utilizing your data to market to you and you don’t like that, you can turn them off too.

Most importantly, you’re able to get paid for the data you share! BIGtoken isn’t sharing your personal identifiable information; it’s merely segmented data. This means signing up won’t get you more spam emails, unsolicited postal mail or robocalls.  Advertisers will use the segmented data to display digital marketing banners on your computer or mobile devices. The data will not only allow marketers to target consenting consumers who are in-market for their services, it will allow marketers to deliver much more tailored messages. Your online experience will not change, minus receiving better marketing, and you’ll receive a paycheck at the end of the month!

Free money, transparency, and control all sounds great, but there’s one thing we as consumers need to do. We need to show up!  The data revolution is at our doorstep, but just like everything in life, nothing comes for free. It’s time to demand control and consent for the use of your data. With BIGtoken, you’re not only getting paid, you’re reshaping the future of our personal data usage.

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