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Leading Live Entertainment Multiverse Platform VRJAM Announces Public Beta for PC and Meta Quest VR Headsets



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After four years of development, the top multiverse platform for live entertainment, VRJAM, has announced the launch of its closed beta. This live experience platform offers a rich, “triple-A game” level user experience, offering a premium substitute to the other products that are currently prevalent in the metaverse market.

The closed beta will feature a variety of live events, musical performances, and immersive experiences taking place every week and will be accessible as both a PC desktop game experience and in VR using the Meta Quest VR headset.

The virtual environment in which user experiences occur is known as the “5th Dimension.” It is an intriguing game environment with a music and entertainment theme that provides gamers and music fans with a wide range of experiences that will redefine the fusion of blockchain and virtual reality. It is based on a cutting-edge server solution created and developed by VRJAM, which enables data transfer in close to real-time to manage the operation of its software on remote devices, enabling a massively scalable solution for content distribution at sub-second latency.

The VRJAM was developed to provide immersive live entertainment and further promote the understanding of Web3 and its full scope and potential for individuals and businesses globally. It is about to reveal a lineup of events that will include live music and DJ performances and educational and informative sessions with leaders from the worlds of tech and crypto.

VRJAM was founded in 2018, and its brand-new board of advisors will be crucial to the success of the platform’s public launch. The platform’s core technology has been developed by a team of tech professionals who live and breathe live entertainment.

Veteran members of the gaming, film and entertainment industries make up the VRJAM advisory board, which works with the company’s executive team to develop the operational strategy. Arabian Prince, a pioneer of hip-hop and a founding member of N.W.A.; Jonas Tempel, a veteran of the electronic music sector and co-founder of Beatport; Scott Hagen, the CEO of the venerable turntable and music hardware company Victrola, and Susan Paley are all members of the board (CEO of DropLabs & former Executive Vice President of Beats by Dre).

Steve Satterthwaite (Managing Partner at Red Light Management), Richard Widgery (CEO of Take4D), Andrea Chang (Partner at NGC Ventures), Robert Boehm (VP of Photon Engine), and Kenzi Wang will also be present (CEO at AU21 Capital).

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