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Lucidity’s blockchain pilot program gives brands media buy transparency



Lucidity, the advertising transparency company, today revealed findings from the industry’s first blockchain pilot program focused on providing brands with greater transparency to better inform media buying decisions.

In conjunction with the IAB Tech Lab’s Blockchain Pilot program, Lucidity’s blockchain technology authenticated a series of campaigns with over a dozen advertisers by adding a transparency layer to brand programmatic media buys. The resulting aggregate data is the most complete record of results from a blockchain-powered digital advertising solution to-date, including such finding as:

• Discrepancies are an indicator of harmful activity such as fraud and waste: Blockchain can be used to identify discrepancies in data, allowing brands to optimize against harmful activity such as fraud and waste in real time  

• High rates of impression discrepancy plague programmatic: 14 percent of all impressions served were discrepant, meaning only 86 percent were confirmed as non-discrepant across the supply chain

• There are even higher rates of click discrepancy: 48 percent of clicks were flagged as discrepant. Only 52 percent were confirmed by the supply chain

• In-app mobile inventory had much higher rates of impression discrepancy than mobile web inventory: Only two out of every three in-app mobile impressions were able to be confirmed, flagging nearly one-third of in-app mobile impressions as questionable inventory

• Optimizing against discrepancies led to significant lift in performance: With optimizations from Lucidity generated insights, overall impression match rates improved by 13 percent, and click match rates improved by an average of 22 percent.

“Overall, optimizing the campaigns away from placements with high levels of discrepancy that flagged for fraud and waste led to a significant lift in performance,” said Sam Kim, CEO and co-founder at Lucidity. “Brands deserve to know what they’re paying for. We’re only going to achieve that through transparency and valid data.”

The IAB Tech Lab has taken a leading role in investigating the benefits of blockchain technology. “The pilot results are meaningful progress in support of how blockchain can bring about a more reliable, transparent and trustworthy ecosystem,” said Dennis Buchheim, SVP and GM, IAB Tech Lab. “The brands and agencies that collaborated with Lucidity are contributing to valuable learnings that will help us identify where blockchain could have meaningful, near-term value in advertising, and how standards and best practices could play an effective role.”

Lucidity’s Ad Transparency Report 2019: Assessing Blockchain’s Ability to Fight Fraud and Eliminate Waste in Digital Advertising can be downloaded here:

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