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For people that want to learn the real-time value of NEO’s price, our NEO price calculator is the perfect tool that will enable you to do so.

Traders most often than not try to make quick payments abroad or transfer money to someone outside of their home country and this is exactly why our calculator was created. Your trading will be easily helped by this calculator tool that helps you learn the real value of your NEO tokens against tens of world currencies. By using our NEO price calculator, you can see the needed data that can help you in making your customized trading strategy.

Calculating the value of Stellar can get complicated sometimes because exchanges are also moving between NEO and fiat which means that the conversion will have to happen into the account itself and move first to BTC, ETH, LTC before it does to NEO which is something our calculator can do in moments. To calculate the real value of XLM that you hold all you have to do is write the amount in the white box and click on calculate to see the results in a matter of seconds.

Since using our NEO price calculator is simple and straightforward, let’s talk some more about NEO itself.

NEO is basically a fast-growing network that seeks to become a base for the digital economy where digitized purchases, properties, and identities are coming together as one. It is often referred to as China’s first public blockchain as it was launched as Antshares in February 2014. A few years later, it was rebranded as NEO as an open-source platform that enabled smart contract capabilities for its users. In addition to creating a new group of developers who are working on innovative technologies and also lowering the barriers to entry with the team behind the project running an EcoBoost campaign to enable the individuals on their blockchain and create an autonomous app as well as smart contracts.

NEO is the native token to the NEO network and was originally known as Antshaares back in 2014 with the idea coming from Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei but three years later was rebranded as NEO. The goal of this blockchain is in the initial draft plan and was to create a new economy that will contain the harnessing of smart contracts to allocate the digital properties precisely. The digital coin reached its peak price in 2018 and hit a value of $196.85 following the name rebranding. At the time, it ranked among the top 20 coins in terms of market caps.

One of the aspects that made NEO unique was the solutions that it offered for programming and development of C# as well as plenty of other programming languages to be feasible. The function allowed the ease to create apps and contracts for external developers alone. However, it became one of the most common crypto assets in the world and it is often referred to as Ethereum of China.

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