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Social Reality (NASDAQ:SRAX) feature integrates popular reward programs




Social Reality, Inc. (NASDAQ:SRAX), a digital marketing and consumer data management technology company, this week announced BIG has released a new feature enabling users to integrate popular travel, grocery, and retail loyalty/rewards programs. Many widely-used rewards programs can now easily be connected to BIGtoken, allowing users to earn more for the activities they already participate in on a regular basis.

“BIG’s mass appeal is our motivation to continue building new and exciting ways for them to integrate all the things they’re doing each day that creates valuable data, for their benefit,” said Kristoffer Nelson, COO at SRAX and cofounder of BIGtoken. “We’re the undisputed platform for offering everyone within the Internet ecosystem choice, transparency, and compensation for their data, and we aim to stay in the leading position by introducing new and better ways for users to increase the value of their personal data.”

As marketers increasingly turn to data solutions to grow their businesses, BIG assures the information collected about their target audiences meet their business needs in a consumer positive approach without regulatory risk. The company’s work with marketers will soon drive the BIGtoken ecosystem towards more positive growth.

To download the application, please visit:, or to access BIG from the web you can visit:

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