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SRAX (NASDAQ:SRAX) integrates major banking, financial institutions into BIGtoken platform

Tony Zerucha



Social Reality, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX), a digital marketing and consumer data management technology company, has integrated the mobile banking  applications from some of the largest banks in the United States to BIGtoken, a digital exchange of transparent and verified consumer data. Consumers can use BIGtoken to own, manage, and monetize their personal data and to control access to their information with the opportunity to earn rewards when their data is added and/or purchased by brands in secure, transparent transactions.

BIGtoken is now integrated with such financial institutions as TD Ameritrade, Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America. The integration allows BIGtoken to access transaction data that the user can then choose to share with brands in broad anonymized advertising targeting segments.

No personal or transactional data is shared with anyone. All data is encrypted and only readable by machines to ensure security and privacy. Users are rewarded for accessing their accounts through BIGtoken and for keeping it integrated on a monthly basis. Users are also rewarded for repeat usage. Many consumers are unaware that their data is sold based on purchase history and these integrations enable the user to get paid for their data instead of the data aggregators. 

“This integration and feature is the first of many third-party systems that will be added to the BIGtoken platform to further our mission of giving consumers control of their digital identity and data,” said Kristoffer Nelson, SRAX COO and BIGtoken co-founder. “Moreover, users will continue to benefit from BIGtoken attributes of compensation and transparency. One’s personal data has become a valuable, important tool in marketing and advertising targeting, and brands have begun to leverage the data to drive sales. SRAX is very excited to integrate with the biggest names in banking so that BIGtoken users can leverage this valuable data.”

In addition to enabling users to claim their data and gamifying data sharing, BIGtoken allows them to delete data and opt out of data sales, all while being compensated for the use of their data. Advertisers and marketers have increasingly turned to big data and need a way to assure the information collected from target audiences will accurately fit their business needs. Moreover, most data is controlled by a limited number of marketing organizations and it has been difficult for other organizations to verify the accuracy of consumer data collected. BIGtoken enables the secure, decentralized, and transparent transmission of data, protecting both users and advertisers.


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Tony Zerucha

Tony Zerucha is an alternative finance journalist with more than seven years experience in the space. The author of more than 1,000 articles, Tony was named LendIt's 2018 Journalist of the Year.

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