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VelasPad Launches With Multiple Plans For Blockchain Growth And Development



ZyCrypto Staff

VelasPad, a next-generation launchpad service that seeks to solve high fees and low throughput in the industry, is now supporting projects on the Velas Blockchain. The projects will bring unrivaled transaction speed and low costs to users.

Specifically, the VelasPad will help projects raise capital and issue tokens fairly and transparently. Despite being operationally and financially separate from Velas, VelasPad is officially endorsed. Projects launching on it can quickly access Vela’s $5 million grant program to further their long-term growth and development.

Currently, the program’s initial grant candidates, who surpass 40, will make their first raises at VelasPad. This has been enabled by the strong collaboration between Velas and VelasPad teams, both of who seek to cultivate the mainstream adoption of projects with multiple use cases.

Moreover, the native launchpad is part of a bigger cross-chain effort. VelasPad adds to the list of present launchpads such as BSCPad, ETHPad, and Tronpad. All these have been built by the BlueZilla Group, which upholds leading blockchains to foster innovation.

The launch of VelasPad is a game-changing event not only for the Velas community but also for the entire crypto industry. Projects will benefit from Velas’ industry-leading transaction speeds and cost-efficiency, qualities that rival those of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. They also get other kinds of support other than monetary support. Additionally, such projects avoid the issue of venture capitalists or early investors looking to veer them off-course.

BlueZilla selected Velas for its launch due to the numerous benefits of the network. Solana, on which Velas has mounted smart contracts, has a high transaction output of 50,000 TPS, low fees, and near-instant transactions. The network also supports Ethereum-based smart contracts which are necessary for cross-chain products. Vela’s ecosystem is home to projects such as BitOrbit (for social media), and Vault (a cryptographically secured secrets storage) among others. Launching VelasPad only fits at the next logical move.

Other than project incubation, VelasPad provides anti-bot and trader-first liquidity systems, proven staking systems, and cross-chain bridges. There are also deflationary triggers for staking, selling, and IDO participation. The latter launches on Sept. 22 on BlueZilla’s BSCPad, ETHPad, KCCPad, or TRONPad. VelasPad also provides technical solutions for developers exploring top industry blockchains. More dApp projects are on their way as Velas ensures developers can migrate to its ecosystem using existing Ethereum/Solidity code.

The crypto blockchain and crypto industry uphold cross-chain support which is important for broad liquidity and better user experience. As it is, nothing stands in the way of VelasPad and the Velas ecosystem as a whole.

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